Non Life Insurance - What is the need for house insurance?

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Home is where the heart is' sums up in short how attached one would be to his humble abode, be it a pigeonhole or a palatial residence. Whether it is a rented one or your own personal property insurance is a must to take care of the unpredictable risks to your house such as fire, natural calamities, burglary, short-circuits etc.

Such incidents would not only cause severe mental agony but the losses you may suffer under such circumstances can be unimaginably high. And setting up your house all over again can be quite expensive. But if your house is adequately insured such botherations need not be a cause for worry.

Insurance bought for your house will not only cover the structure of the house but will also cover the belongings. All those expensive items or consumer durables you bought over a period of time may have been damaged in the fire. But your insurance company will take care of the losses and indemnify you for it.

Similarly if your house is burgled and your valuables have disappeared your insurance company will bear your loss. Or for instance, your domestic help, is electrocuted in your house and dies. The insurance company can pay off the losses and liabilities that may otherwise be a concern for you, under the Workmen's Compensation Act.

In other words buying an insurance policy for your house will buy you peace of mind as such risks are unpredictable but not impossible.

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