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Insurance companies helping senior citizens and customers via technology in social distancing times Here is how
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The coronavirus pandemic posed a high risk to the lives of people across the world, however, it also increased awareness around health and safety. With this heightened awareness, as people started considering insurance as an inevitable need, the life and health insurance segment saw a rise in demand.

However, due to the pandemic, it became difficult for individuals especially senior citizens to visit branches and get access to products. To help with that, various companies launched technologies and innovative tech features, to cater to senior citizens and customer base in remote areas of the country.

For instance, Bajaj Allianz Life introduced smart assist’ that replaced the in-person interaction with screen to screen interaction, offered digital life certification through video calling and other digital solutions that have helped insurance companies to maximize sales and improve customer service.

Kayzad Hiramanek, Chief- Operations and Customer Experience At Bajaj Allianz Life says, “We focus on providing smart digital solutions to policyholders while bearing in mind the new business environment that we are currently operating in. For instance, the Digital Life Certification via iSERV video calling available on WhatsApp reduces the physical stress of visiting a branch on an annual basis to submit life certificate.”

What video-based customer service initiatives have been taken by the insurance industry?

The insurance companies have been encouraging customers and employees to interact virtually through WhatsApp. Hiramanek, of Bajaj Allianz Life, says, “This transition of customer interaction to video from traditional face-to-face has made the process easy and convenient. It has enabled them to operate from the comfort of their home while maintaining seamless communication.”

The life insurance company says that there has been an 86 per cent usage increase across all their digital assets, includes channels such as Life-Assist – web (customer portal) and through apps. The Digital Life Certification process via iSERV through video calling on WhatsApp has helped senior citizens submit their Life Certificate through a video call, making the entire process contactless and hassle-free.

How does Digital Life Certification through video calling work?

The Digital Life Certification via iSERV video calling is available on WhatsApp that reduces the physical stress of visiting a branch on an annual basis to submit a life certificate. The company says the service has been introduced for customer’s convenience, keeping in mind how digitally inclined customers have become especially, during the time of the pandemic.

Additionally, experts say the submission of Life Certificate online, further eases the annuity pension claim process for policyholders. The process has been designed keeping in mind the needs of senior citizens. This service makes the process of submitting Life Certificate contactless, paperless, and hassle-free allowing customers to connect directly to the company representative in a secure environment remotely.

What is the Bajaj Allianz Life’s Smart Assist service?

Smart Assist is a technology service in the insurance sector – it is a co-browsing service that enables personalized engagement with the policyholder with end-to-end encryption. Experts say this digital intervention ensures that both the policyholder and employees continue to stay on track with their goals while being safe and managing the protocols required in these times.

Usually, while buying a policy, there is a discussion process requiring meeting the policyholder in person, however, with the Smart Assist, this happens via a screen-to-screen interaction. The service allows customers to connect with the company sales force through a screen sharing feature and avail real-time assistance during their purchase journey – anytime, anywhere. The salesperson has to send a simple link to the customer, who opens it on her/his mobile or laptop and then commences the interaction.

Services available through WhatsApp

From banks to insurance companies now offer a host of services that any customers can use. Insurers offer services such as policy information, premium payment, fund value, premium payment receipt, premium paid certificate, etc. In addition, customers can also get their resolutions on their policy 24×7 on WhatsApp.

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